Constantly sick in the fall and winter? It’s not the flu!

It’s getting cold. On the street stuffy nose, red eyes. A sin on a cold, begin treatment, but the situation repeats again and again. Looking for a Allergy!

Especially if these symptoms are accompanied by rash and swelling, skin flakes and itches.

Постоянно болеете осенью и зимой? Это не простуда!

An allergic reaction can occur not only in dust and food. It can cause cold. The causes can hide as to heredity, and in the chronic diseases and bad habits. The specialist will help you to understand and prescribe the necessary treatment. But something we can do ourselves.

Warm clothing will help you to protect the body from harsh climate. Dress warmly, it’s important.

Cosmetics. Winter cream, hygienic lipstick, and products for sensitive skin will protect exposed areas of the body. And sunglasses will help with a strong eye irritation.

Nasal rinses with sea water will not save you from allergies. But it will facilitate its manifestation, can help reduce the swelling and maintain normal breathing.

Proper nutrition. Consult with a specialist, what foods enhance the you have an allergic reaction, and eliminate them from your diet.