Construction holidays: the SQ will carry out intensive interventions on the ground

Construction holiday: SQ will conduct intensive field interventions


The Sûreté du Québec (SQ) is preparing to be particularly visible on the roads of the province during the construction holidays, where fatal accidents are high year after year. < /p>

The provincial police force will pay particular attention to the road network, on bodies of water and on trails, between July 22 and August 7.  

This operation will aim “to remind all users that they must apply the rules in terms of road safety and recreational tourism throughout the year, even when they are on vacation”, indicates the SQ by way press release.

The organization points out that one-third of Quebecers take time off during this period, causing at the same time a considerable increase in travel on the network.

Inevitably fatal collisions or with injuries are particularly high.

Last year, 12 people lost their lives in motor vehicle accidents during construction holidays. Three of these fatal collisions involved off-road vehicles. 

« In particular, it should be noted that wearing a helmet is compulsory for all-terrain vehicle enthusiasts and that it is strongly recommended to wear the personal flotation device at all times during nautical outings”, indicates the provincial police force.