Construction workers happy to come home

Construction workers happy to come home


While many Quebecers chose to stay in Quebec for their vacations, construction workers seized the opportunity to go to the United States.

150,000 construction workers were able to take advantage of 14 days off after seeing their hours worked increase by 21%. 

At the borders, families returning from their annual vacation are flocking. Many consider themselves lucky to have avoided the return traffic from construction, while others had foreseen it. 

“It went well, we are very happy to to be back home,” said one of the vacationers on the way back with a smile. p>

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) asks all arrivals to complete the ArriveCAN form to facilitate the passage of all and allow quick access to people's vaccination data. 

< p>Travellers who plan to return to the country on Sunday afternoon will however have to be patient since the waiting time may be longer than in the morning.