Contrary to the principle of ‘the American dream’: a judge has blocked an immigration rule

Andadministraciya trump insists that immigrants have no right to ask for help from the state.

Противоречит принципу 'американской мечты': cудья заблокировал иммиграционное правило

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A Federal U.S. judge in new York blocked enforcement of the rules imposed by trump administration. According to this rule, the immigrant may refuse to grant the right to permanent residence in the United States, if the officer finds that the immigrant can apply for help from the state, writes Voice of America.

We are talking about the benefits of food, subsidized medical insurance and the provision of subsidized housing.

The rule is that the immigration officials must make decisions concerning the visa status of the immigrant, taking into account such factors as the level of income (at least 32 187 dollars for a family of four) and knowledge of the English language. The administration of the trump insists that all immigrants residing in the U.S. must be able to take care of himself.

This rule of the Department of homeland security was supposed to take effect October 15.

The judge blocked the enforcement of such rules nationwide. In the verdict, he explained that the Federal government did not provide evidence of the need for the application of the rule, which is contrary to the principle of the “American dream”.

Separately, a judge in Oakland, California, banned the implementation of this policy in four States and the district of Columbia, writes Time.

Group protect the rights of immigrants and several States argue that the new rule conflicts with existing immigration laws and would increase the cost of providing medical and other services to immigrants.

The last obstacle, which he wrote ForumDaily, was the administration’s decision by trump not to admit immigrants who do not have medical insurance and cannot afford to pay the medical costs.