Coronaries affected the pockets of Ukrainians

The epidemic of coronavirus has completely changed consumer moods of Ukrainians. As a result, on the shelves there will be more delays and falsification, but instead of clothing boutiques — shops with cheap goods. The only thing that will remain in high demand of products for the rich and children.

Коронакризис отразился на кармане украинцев

This is reported NEWS, reports “Hvil”.

According to the latest data of the state statistics service, in April the turnover of retail trade in comparison with the same period in 2019, fell by 14.9%. But if to compare with March 2020, the drop is even more significant — 23%. In addition, estimates of Bank and Investment Capital Ukraine, in 2020, household consumption can fall by another 10-15%.

In addition to reducing turnover among Ukrainians is happening and redistribution of demand. According to the economist Alex Doroshenko, primarily Ukrainians refuse everything that is not considered the most necessary.

“Today the necessary utilities, food, pharmaceuticals and personal protective equipment. The rest of the industry, which are not included in this little pool, will survive its not the best of times”, — the economist believes.

Doroshenko also noted that in each specific category of goods are expected to be some changes.


— there will be a reduction of the range of products — no more 10 samples of different variations and colors;

— there will be a revision of the pricing policy in the direction of decreasing;

— on store shelves will appear a lot of delay and poor quality products;

— the share of counterfeit drugs, which now stands at 30-40%, will become even more;

— will increase the number of outlets and discount malls stores low prices.

In the end, a quick return to his former life, experts do not expect.

“Say, how fast the trade will recover — hard. The problem is that does not see the bottom. Now I only see a minus, and double-digit numbers,” said Executive Director of the Union of consumers of Ukraine Maxim Nesmiyanov, adding that “demand will be for children’s products”, as it’s hard to save money, and premium products.

It should be noted that consumer sentiment has changed not only in Ukraine but all over the world. According to a study by BCG on consumer attitudes in connection with COVID-19, the population of the different countries in the near future plans to cut spending on hotels, travel, movies, gambling, entertainment, footwear, home and auto.