Coronavirus and deportation: what to do about illegals, if they got sick

In the framework of strengthening the fight against the pandemic coronavirus in early March, the U.S. government passed a bill that allows Americans among other things, to access free tests for coronavirus, unemployment benefits and take paid sick leave. What this means for immigrants without legal status? Found out the publication “Voice of America”.

Коронавирус и депортация: что делать нелегалам, если они заболели

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Concern about loss of daily status or fear of deportation can prevent illegal immigrants to seek medical help if they became ill with the coronavirus. However, in this situation, the consequences can be very serious.

In new York, the city of refuge, after the Declaration of emergency by the Governor and the mayor assured city residents, fear of deportation is not necessary.

“Although it may seem intimidating, we have the best healthcare system in the country. Our hospitals do not ask about the status of documents, and we never refuse those who is not afford treatment,” said the mayor of new York bill de Blasio on Twitter.

Коронавирус и депортация: что делать нелегалам, если они заболели

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This means that the network of medical institutions of public health in new York will not provide the personal information of the patient National immigration service will provide medical care regardless of lack of health insurance and ability to pay for treatment.

The Department of health of new York has even developed a website where people can find out the latest information on coronavirus.

Because the Service immigration and customs enforcement United States under the presidency of Donald trump increased the number of raids in new York and other cities-shelters, human rights advocates urge trump to identify hospitals and other “sensitive zones” that are not subject to immigration procedures.

Deportation raids usually end at national disasters or crises in addition to the “exceptional circumstances”. Donald trump has declared a state of emergency throughout the country due to the pandemic coronavirus.

Immigration officials have promised not to conduct “raids” in hospitals during the crisis.

“People who seek treatment from the virus should continue to do so without fear or hesitation — said the representatives of the ICE. — Contradictory statements are false and cause unnecessary fear in the community.”

About two dozen South Florida hospitals told reporters that to inform immigration authorities about illegal immigrants not part of their practice.

In accordance with the Law on urgent medical treatment, all hospitals are required to conduct surveys and to provide medical care to any person arriving in the emergency room, regardless of immigration status. All patients are also protected by Federal laws and state laws on confidentiality, that is, the hospital does not have the right to report to immigration authorities.



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