Coronavirus can significantly undermine the health of ill athletes

Коронавирус может существенно подорвать здоровье переболевших спортсменов

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Coronavirus can cause the development of serious pathologies of the heart in sportsmenov recovered coronavirus COVID-19.

As found by a team of scientists from the University of Texas, many athletes may not return to the sport, as the disease could affect the cardiovascular system, even in people with healthy hearts, according to

Experts have determined that the coronavirus can cause hypertension, arrhythmia, acute heart damage and coronary artery disease. Because of this, experts propose to ban to return to the sport to those who are ill.

Recall, in particular, Juventus has tested positive for the coronavirus passed Paolo Dibala, Blaise Matuidi and Daniele Abuse. Also picked up a virus 7 players Sampdoria, the player “Chelsea” Callum Hudson-Odoi and 3 player of “Valencia”.