Coronavirus has reduced the foreign currency inflow from migrant workers

Коронавирус уменьшил приток валюты от заробитчан

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The loss of jobs due to quarantine affected the amount of remittances from migrants

Despite April’s failure, over four months, showing positive dynamics of private remittances.

The amount of private remittances from abroad in April fell by 10.4% in comparison with March, to $826 million in the Corresponding data Tuesday, June 23, published by the national Bank.

In General, during January-April foreign currency inflows through private remittances grew by 2.4% over the same period of 2019 to $3733 million.

In addition, monetary transfers to Ukraine as payment for labor in April fell to $857 million compared with $977 million in March.

Assessment of the national Bank, informal remittances from migrant workers amounted to $296 million versus $351 million in March and $480 million in February.