Coronavirus in the United States and the world: new figures and data. Constantly updated

From December 2019, the world faces a pandemic of the coronavirus that causes the disease COVID-19. Very difficult to keep track of the latest news, so ForumDaily to keep its readers informed of events, decided to collect the most recent data and figures that will be updated constantly.

Коронавирус в США и мире: новые цифры и данные. Постоянно обновляется

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The coronavirus spreads quickly around the globe, according to the latest data the total number of infected on the planet is 1 934 986 people. Of these, 120 438 died and 456 841 is healthy.

1 357 707 active cases a large part, namely 1 306 556, have an average severity of the disease, but 577 279 people are in serious or critical condition.

Coronavirus struck 210 countries and territories worldwide. List of countries and territories and their continental regional classification is based on geoscheme UN.

The number of cases of infection in the world lead US. There were 587 173 cases COVID-19.

Cases by state:

  • New York- 195 655 cases;
  • New Jersey- 64 584;
  • MA — 26 867;
  • CA — 24 of 371;
  • Il — 22 025;
  • FL — 019 21.

Disease COVID-19 countries:

  • Russia — 21 102, died 170;
  • Ukraine — 3 372 died 98;
  • Israel — 11 868, died, 117;
  • Belarus — 3 281, and died 33;
  • Georgia — 296, and died 3;
  • Azerbaijan — 1 148, died on 12;
  • Kazakhstan — 1 179, and died 14.

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