Coronavirus in the USA: the first death, a state of emergency and more than 8,000 patients in California

On the territory of the state of Washington, which recorded the second U.S. case of a deadly coronavirus COVID-19, declared a state of emergency. About it writes “New Time”.

Коронавирус в США: первые смерти, чрезвычайное положение и более 8000 пациентов в Калифорнии

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State of emergency declared by the Governor of the state Jay Margie reiger.

He instructed the state agencies to use “all necessary resources” to prepare for and respond to an outbreak of coronavirus.

State of emergency also allows you to attract, if necessary, of the Washington national guard.

“We will continue to work until the day until people stop dying from this virus,” said the Governor.

In the state of Washington is now more than 50 people are in hospital with suspected coronavirus infection. Check their physicians.

Public health officials also reported two cases of infection COVID-19. One of the patients, 40-year-old woman who is in a satisfactory condition in hospital and another woman over the age of 70 years. She was hospitalized in serious condition. None of them, as noted, did not go abroad.

Also, representatives of health said that the first victim COVID-19 in Washington was a man aged 50 years, died on Friday, February 28. He had no recent visits to the centers of the spread of coronavirus, or contact with infected.

Second coronavirus victim was a man aged more than 70 years, who was in the hospital in the Seattle area, where dozens of sick people, which was examined for the virus. He died on Saturday, February 29, writes “Voice of America”.

Only Washington state registered 12 confirmed cases of the disease.

The state government and municipalities are stepping up testing for the virus, while the number of infected people is increasing throughout the country. New cases of infection identified in California, Florida, Illinois, Rhode island, the States of new York and Washington.

In Seattle and the surrounding area in the evening on Sunday, March 1, identified four new cases of infection, including the deceased patient. Two health care workers in California was also a coronavirus. Among the new cases in Washington state, two women, one of whom is over 80, the other 90. Both are in critical condition. The man, who is over 70, is also in critical condition. All three were in LifeCare medical center in Kirkland, where 50 of the patients who are tested for the virus.

The international Association of firefighters announced that 25 of its members who responded to calls for assistance at LifeCare quarantined.

The first case in the USA raised resident of Washington state, who had been in China, where the virus first appeared, but a few recent cases in the United States had no connection with travelling.

In California, a coronavirus was identified in two physicians in the Bay area of San Francisco, who cared for the patient with already diagnosed. This is stated in a joint statement, the counties of Alameda and Solano.

Both the medic and worked in the same hospital in Vacaville, California, and in contact with a patient who was later transferred to the medical center in Sacramento. This patient was the first U.S. resident who contracted the coronavirus, though not traveled abroad.

Then in the Alameda County declared a state of emergency.

The Department of health Oregon reported on Sunday, March 1, on the second case, positive tests for the virus in the state. This is an adult who has a household contact of the first resident of Oregon with the identified disease. Authorities reported that he did not require medical care.

Furthermore, it is reported a third case of mers in Illinois and the first cases of the disease in the States of Rhode island and new York. The message alarmed the Americans, who rushed to the stores to restock of bottled water, canned food and toilet paper.

The patient is hospitalized in Rhode island is a man over the age of 40, who in February traveled to Italy. The authorities in new York confirmed that a woman over 35 years, contracted the virus during a trip to Iran. Her condition is described as an easy to. She shows respiratory symptoms, and it is in a controlled situation after arriving in new York, said the Governor’s office.

With the emergence of new cases, the Americans began to stock up on basic supplies, especially in areas where it was recorded the appearance of the virus, and to pay attention to the impact of the virus on everyday life. In stores such as Costco in the vicinity of Portland ran out of toilet paper, bottled water, and disinfectant for hands.

Sports games and training in the area cancelled for a week. Some churches reported that they would not offer communion because of fears of spreading the virus.

While the Americans engaged in training, scientists from the Cancer research center Fred Hutchinson and the University of Washington said they have evidence that the virus may have circulated undetected in the state to six weeks.

In the case of confirmation of this hypothesis it may mean that in the state there are hundreds of undiagnosed carriers of the virus. The authors placed their study in the Internet, but it was not published in a scientific journal and not recessionals other scientists.

Professor Trevor Bedford, announced the preliminary results of research on the virus in Washington state, wrote on Twitter that the genetic similarity between the first case of the disease in the state on 20 January, and the case announced on Friday, indicates that the second case could happen from the first. The disease detected on 20 January was the first case of infection in the United States.

“I think we are faced with the already significant outbreak in Washington state, which has not been identified so far due to the narrow approach, suggesting a direct trip to China,” he wrote on Twitter.

Not related to the study, the researchers say that the results are not surprising, and indicated that for many people, especially the young and healthier, the symptoms of coronavirus not much worse than the symptoms of the flu or a severe cold.

“We believe that in a fairly large number of cases the disease is accompanied by mild symptoms or are asymptomatic. Symptoms are quite nonspecific, and the test criteria are quite strict. The combination of these factors means that the virus could circulate for some time, and we didn’t know about it,” says Justin Lessler, Professor of epidemiology school of public health named Bloomberg to Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Adam Loring from the University of Michigan called the findings “high quality work” of scientists, who for many years carried out similar work in relation to influenza virus.

“They showed their data and showed his work, said Loring. Is not just a series of tweets, as scientists substantiated their findings with the data they posted online. If there is something wrong, then someone will find it”.

Dr. Carlos del Rio from the school of medicine of Emory University said that the findings were respected researchers in the field of genome sequencing, and they are reasonable, given the geographic proximity of the two cases.

“Now is the time to ensure that we all made efforts to stop the spread of the virus. Wash your hands. Do not touch the face. If you have a cold, stay home. It’s time to remind ourselves about that,” he said.

Governor of California Gavin Newsom said that more than 8,000 people in the state are being monitored for the presence of coronavirus. This writes the Independent.

There were 33 confirmed cases of influenza-like respiratory diseases in the state. The Governor confirmed that the 8400 California residents must undergo medical testing for the presence of a novel coronavirus COVID-19 to 49 local health facilities.

While more than 800 people entered the state as a result of the evacuation from China, thousands of other passengers who may be coronavirus, arrived in California as a result of normal travel.

The state government also warned some school districts to prepare for possible outbreaks.

The Governor said that his administration is in “constant contact” with Federal agencies, to more effectively respond to the presence of the coronavirus.

“We are not overreacting and don’t react too poorly. At the same time in USA there is no better state to resolve this problem,” said Newsome.

He said that the state has in stock 200 sets for testing and will get even more in the coming days. Current stock is “simply inadequate to pay tribute to the type of testing that is required,” he said.

Representatives of the Centre for control and prevention of diseases (CDC) are unable to determine the source of infection a resident of the County of Solano — the patient had no relevant travel history or contact with any known infected person. The patient gets help in the County of Sacramento.

According to Dr. Sonia Angell, Director of the Department of public health California Department of public health of the state of California, currently the medical professionals “are in place” to determine whether people exposed to the virus, and to help them to isolate themselves from the public.

She said officials expected the spread of the virus in the community, “so they are ready for anything.”

“Now the situation is unstable, and I want to emphasize that the risk to the American public remains low, she said. — In the case that the risk will change, we will notify you. We will make sure that everyone knew”.

According to recent reports, almost 90 000 people worldwide became ill and 3 048 died of coronavirus.

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