Coronavirus on a cruise ship: evacuated 400 Americans got sick the first Russian woman

U.S. citizens aboard cruise ship Diamond Princess, were evacuated from the ship, two weeks standing on the quarantine in the port of Japan. Two of the Charter of the American government on February 17, took off from Tokyo International airport, BBC reports, and has already landed in the United States. In total onboard the liner there were about 400 Americans.

Коронавирус на круизном лайнере: эвакуированы 400 американцев, заболела первая россиянка

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Liner Diamond Princess from 3 February due to the outbreak of coronavirus nCoV 2019 on Board is in quarantine in the Japanese port of Yokohama. Aboard a cruise ship are about 3700 people.

The ship was detained at quarantine after the man, which was released in Hong Kong, discovered coronavirus.

The Japanese government on February 16 said that the number of new cases of disease on Board the ship increased by 70 to 355. At least 40 U.S. citizens infected with the coronavirus and will be treated in Japan, said the doctor, Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases.

One plane with American passengers landed at Travis air force base in Northern California on 16 February, shortly before 23:30 local time, writes USA Today. The second flight arrived at the military air base in Luckland in Texas after about 2.5 hours, on the night of February 17.

Americans who flew to the United States, shall be placed on a two-week quarantine at an air force base in California.

“And the reason for this decision is that the degree of transmission of coronavirus on this cruise ship like staying in the access point,” explained the doctor Foci.

14 evacuees received permission to fly back to the United States, despite tested positive for coronavirus, said in a joint statement, the US state Department and the Department of health and human services. They had no symptoms.

“These people in the most expeditious and safe manner moved in a special containment zone on the evacuation plane, to isolate them in accordance with standard protocols,” said in a February 16 statement.

Earlier on February 16 on the CBS show “face the nation,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases at the National institutes of health, said that infected persons with minimal symptoms may still transmit the virus to someone else. He said that at least 40 Americans on Board a cruise ship tested positive for the coronavirus. It was not immediately clear whether we are talking about 20 cases in addition to the 20 known or a new total number.

In a letter sent on the morning of February 16 American passengers and crew members, the U.S. Embassy in Japan has announced that flights will be “the only possibility to fly to the United States until March 4, 2020.”

Some Americans refused to leave the ship. As claimed by CNN, the decision to send people to the new quarantine after nearly two weeks of quarantine on the liner “has caused anger among the American passengers.”

“It’s like a prison for something that I did,” said passenger Keri Mansikkala. Those who refused on 17 February to fly to the USA, will have to be in Japan for another two weeks, before you will be able to return home.

How is the evacuation

Also Canada, Australia, South Korea, Italy, Hong Kong and Taiwan have announced plans to evacuate its citizens from the cruise ship, writes “Medusa”.

Australian authorities are going to evacuate with the “diamond Princess” 209 its citizens who do not have a coronavirus infection. The evacuation will begin on 19 February, when on a cruise ship completed a two-week quarantine. After returning to Australia once again placed in quarantine. Among Australians, located on the “diamond Princess”, about 150 people over the age of 60 years.

Also on Board are 78 UK citizens, but on their evacuation has not yet been reported. The British are trapped on a cruise ship, believe that the authorities abandoned them. The passengers urged the government and businesses to evacuate, citing the example of the decision of the US authorities. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of great Britain, answering a question about the evacuation, said officials “are working around the clock to ensure the well-being of British citizens on Board”. According to The Telegraph, instead of returning to his homeland while the British can stay in quarantine in Japan.

According to the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Japan, one passenger cruise ship from Russia discovered coronavirus. She was not asked to evacuate to Russia.

Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Igor Morgulov said to “Interfax” that the government will begin to discuss the evacuation of 24 citizens of Russia, located on the ship, after the ship completed quarantine measures. The Russian Embassy in Japan, in turn, told the Agency that targeted evacuation of Russians from the cruise ship is not planned, passengers will leave on an individual basis.

On 10 February the foreign Ministry of Ukraine reported two Ukrainians (man and woman) who became ill on Board the ship where work 25 Ukrainian citizens. The infected were taken to a special hospital in Japan. Their condition is described as normal — the disease in a mild form. What will happen to the rest of the Ukrainians on Board the ship — yet there is no information. Ukraine plans to evacuate its citizens from China on February 19. Just have to evacuate 56 people, including 11 foreigners, particularly Argentines. We are talking about healthy people who agreed to be in Ukraine 14-day quarantine.

Коронавирус на круизном лайнере: эвакуированы 400 американцев, заболела первая россиянка

Photo: Depositphotos

What happens on the liner

Liner Diamond Princess out of Yokohama 20 Jan, passed on the route Kagoshima — Hong Kong — Okinawa and returned. The ship was carrying 2666 guests and 1045 members of the crew. On 4 February the ship was registered 10 cases of coronavirus. A few people began to complain of health, so the authorities decided to examine everyone who was on Board.

The Japanese government has distributed two thousand iPhone to the passengers. This is done so that people could use the application created by the Japanese Ministry of health, which helps users to communicate with doctors, pharmacists and consultants on mental health issues. Phones registered outside of Japan, do not have access to the program.

Last week, the cruise line announced that some of the passengers, starting from the vulnerable from the medical point of view, will be released from the ship to undergo quarantine on land. February 14, the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo said that the first group of passengers boarded in Yokohama. Defense Minister of Japan, Taro Kono tweeted that the Japanese soldiers helped to carry American passengers on buses from the port in Yokohama to Tokyo Haneda airport.

Another liner with the coronavirus

The U.S. state Department announced Sunday that it is investigating the case of a citizen of the United States, which was diagnosed with the coronavirus after she got off the cruise ship MS Westerdam. 255 747 passengers and crew members remain on Board the vessel, which docked in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, February 16, after the failures in the ports of Japan, Thailand and GUAM. Previously, tests for passengers to landfall in Cambodia, gave negative results.

Malaysian authorities reported that an American woman, 83-year-old woman, twice passed the test for the virus on arrival in Malaysia after she developed symptoms of the viral infection, said Sunday the representative of the state Department. Both tests gave a positive result. She became the first person with Westerdam, whose tests yielded positive results. Tests her husband were negative.

The spokesman said that the us government did not have “sufficient information to determine when and where they could get passenger”.

The official added that he could not share additional information for reasons of privacy, but said that the U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur is in close contact with local authorities and patient.

“All guests in Phnom Penh tested COVID-19 — said the cruise line. — The results will be announced after verification is complete, but the first 406 people gave negative results. Guests, authenticated users, you can go home, and in their relation to accepted measures.”

The latest data on the spread of infection

The Chinese authorities believe that the infection is brought under control, but who believe that it is impossible to predict how it will develop the epidemic, writes “Voice of America”.

The number of confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus in China on 17 February exceeded 70 thousand people. In Hubei province, the center of the epidemic, the virus died, 100 people, bringing the number of deaths in China reached nearly 1,800. Five deaths outside mainland China recorded in France, Hong Kong, Japan, the Philippines and Taiwan.

The number of new cases in Hubei only slightly higher than the figure for February 16, but lower than the data for 14 and 15 February. The Chinese authorities think it’s a sign that the epidemic is under control.

However, who Director-General Tedros Adan Ghebreyesus 16 Feb tweeted that “it is impossible to predict in what direction will develop the plague.”

Although Beijing has recently earned praise for its efforts to contain the epidemic, the who still requested more information about how to in China are diagnosed.

Chinese state media on Saturday published the speech of the President of China XI Jinping from February 3, which implies that the authorities in Beijing knew more about the seriousness of the coronavirus at least two weeks before about its dangers reported by the public. Only in late January, officials reported that the virus can be transmitted from person to person.

In his speech from January 7, XI Jinping, has ordered the closure of the city that are most affected by the virus. But the implementation of this order began only on January 23.

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