Coronavirus: when will the drug for the treatment of COVID-19

Almost 200 thousand people became victims COVID-19, but still not created a drug to combat this disease. About it writes BBC.

Коронавирус: когда появится лекарство для лечения COVID-19

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When you may receive a drug that will save many lives?

How is the development of drugs?

Now the world is developed and auditioned more than 150 drugs against the coronavirus. The majority of these existing drugs, and scientists try to find out if they can affect the virus.

The world health organization (who) began a clinical study of the most promising drugs against Covid-19. The study was called “Solidarnost” (Solidarity).

In Britain the clinical trial is conducted “Recovery” (Recovery), which is the largest in the world — there are over 5 thousand volunteers.

Also, in some countries, research centers are trying to use to treat the blood of people who recover from Covid-19.

What types of drugs appropriate?

Now the research goes in three basic directions:

Antiviral drugsthat affect the virus ‘ ability to replication in the body

Medications that can stabilize the immune system. The diseased condition was seriously deteriorating when their immune system reacts too actively to the virus thus causing unintended damage to the body

Antibodies able to fight the virus, which are either taken from the blood of convalescents or created in a lab

Which drug is considered the most promising?

Dr. Aylward of the who said after visiting China that the only drug that showed promising results was Ramdevpir.

Initially, this antiviral drug is created to treat Ebola, but it turned out to be more effective in dealing with other ailments.

During animal testing it was revealed that he perfectly heals from other dangerous coronavirus (middle East respiratory syndrome and SARS). This gave scientists hope that it will be effective against Covid-19.

According to leaked sources, the test conducted at the University of Chicago, revealed the effectiveness of the drug in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

Ramdevpir is among the four drugs that the who has been in the framework of the “Solidarity”. A private test conducted by the manufacturer of the drug company Gilead.

Can HIV medications to treat Covid-19?

Many said that two HIV drugs — lopinavir and ritonavir may be effective against the coronavirus, but the evidence for this is not found.

In the laboratory scientists have managed to succeed, but human trials have not yielded positive result.

Drugs do not press the amendment did not reduce mortality and did not reduce the level of virus in patients with severe Covid-19.

But keep in mind that the tests were conducted among very sick patients (almost 25% of then died), and perhaps it was already too late for effective action of the remedy.

Can malaria drugs to fight the coronavirus?

Funds from the malaria clinical trials that are carried out by the who and Britain.

Chloroquine and its derivative hydroxychloroquine may have antiviral and immune-boosting properties that are needed in the fight against coronavirus.

The drugs were in the spotlight after the statements of the US President Donald trump, who said about their effectiveness in the treatment of Covid-19, but evidence of their effectiveness is not enough.

Hydroxychloroquine is also used to treat rheumatoid arthritis because it is able to stabilize the immune system.

Laboratory tests have shown that it can inhibit the coronavirus, and there is some unconfirmed evidence of doctors who claim that it helps patients.

However, the who States that concrete evidence of its efficacy is not available.

What about Immunopreparat?

If the immune system overly reacts to the virus, it can cause inflammation throughout the body. This is useful for kick-starting the immune system, which is necessary to fight infection, but excessive zeal can cause adverse harm to the body and even lead to death.

In the study, who tested the effect of interferon beta which is used in the treatment of multiple sclerosis and to reduce inflammation. Interferons are a group of chemicals that the body produces by exposure to the attack of the virus.

In a British clinical study investigates the properties of dexamethasone, a substance with anti-inflammatory properties.

Can help blood to cure people?

People who have recovered from infection, presumably in the blood to form antibodies that can fight off the virus.

The idea is that the person taking the blood plasma (it contains the antibodies) and put it in the patient.

The US is already 500 people have been treated reconvalescent plasma, and some other countries also try this method.

When you receive effective treatment?

It is too early to say when the medicine that can cure Covid-19.

But in the coming months will be known the results of clinical trials.

It will happen much sooner than we will know about the efficacy of the coronavirus vaccine, which protects against infection, not cures.

This is due to the fact that the doctors check the effectiveness of already developed drugs that have already been tested for safety applications, whereas the development of a vaccine starts with a clean slate.

Now scientists are also developing experimental drugs to combat the coronavirus, but they still have clinical trials.

What should be the treatment?

The most obvious reason is that treatment will save a lot of people, but also it will help to ease some of the quarantine measures.

The emergence of efficient treatment method will transfer the infection with coronavirus in the category of more mild diseases.

If it means that people will no longer require artificial ventilation in hospitals, it will no longer be danger of congestion of intensive care, and will not have to take such drastic measures to save the lives of many patients infected with the coronavirus.

How doctors treat patients now?

The majority of people infected with coronavirus the symptoms are mild. They can be treated at home, which involves bed rest, taking paracetamol and drinking large amounts of fluid.

However, some people require hospitalization, which among other things includes a supply of oxygen to the patient, for example, through artificial respiration.

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • In two French hospitals began testing drugs on the basis of hemoglobin obtained from the blood of annelids. The drug will help patients suffering from respiratory complications of the disease COVID-19.
  • In Italy announced the result of the treatment of patients with coronavirus drug against rheumatoid arthritis “Tocilizumab” (Tocilizumab) produced by the pharmaceutical company Roche.
  • Researchers from France published a statement which details how the combination of antimalarials and antibiotics can be an important weapon in the fight against coronavirus.
  • In different States the disease is spreading at different speeds. And for some reason coronavirus infection (at least at first glance) exhibits significantly less activity in countries where children are mandatory vaccinated against tuberculosis with BCG vaccine.
  • According to new data, based on observations of patients, more than two thirds of critically ill patients with COVID-19 condition has improved after treatment, “Redecision”, an experimental drug developed by Californian company Gilead Sciences Inc.
  • There are a number of drugs that doctors around the world are trying to treat COVID-19.


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