Coroner's inquest: victim's father empties his heart

Coroner's inquest: victim's father empties his heart


The father of a young man who died in a police intervention 5 years ago emptied his heart on Monday, on the sidelines of the start of a public coroner's inquest he has however decided to boycott due to lack of confidence in the system.

“We will not participate in this circus, we have lost confidence in the institutions that must do justice,” commented Cesur Celik emotionally this morning at the Montreal courthouse.

Tears in his eyes, he is briefly discussed the death of his son Koray Kevin Celik, who died in March 2017.

Cesur Celik

That evening, the Montreal police had been called to the home of the Celik family, in L'Île-Bizard, in connection with a “man in crisis”. There, they fell to Koray Kevin Celik. Trying to control it, the young man of 28 years would have suddenly had a cardiac arrest.

He died under the eyes of his parents.

“We suffered a lot”, has commented Mr. Celik on Monday.

Loss of confidence

In this case, the Celik family has it against the police officers, who were not separated before being questioned by the Office of Independent Investigations. She also has it against the BEI, which was criticized by the Court of Quebec for having lacked impartiality and transparency in its communications with the public about the deceased.

“He wears thus a direct attack on the plaintiffs as to their reputation and honor”, ​​indicated the judgment.

Mr. Celik also has it against the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions who did not want to file charges, as well as for the way the file was conducted. Finally, he has it against the Coroner's Office for not allowing him to fight on equal terms against the police.

“It's an accumulation of situations, there is a break in the bond of trust that we have to work to restore,” said Me Virginie Dufresne-Lemire, who represents the Celik family.

Me Virginie Dufresne-Lemire

Boycott of the hearing

Thus, despite a subpoena, Mr. Celik decided to boycott the hearing. Coroner Luc Malouin took note of this decision.

“I find it unfortunate, but I would not make any other comments,” he said on the sidelines of the hearing.

The public inquiry is scheduled for three weeks. Me Malouin recalled that this was not a trial, and that his work was limited to analyzing all the facts, issuing an opinion and making recommendations “if the circumstances allow it”. /p> Got a scoop for us?

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