Correlation was found between removal of the female organs and the risk of deadly diseases

Scientists have found a link between the removal of the female organs and the risk of fatal heart disease and cancer.

Обнаружена связь между удалением женских органов и риском появления смертельных болезней

The negative impact of such operations on women’s health in the long run established at the University of Warwick. They did a big study on this topic.

Experts have observed 114 thousand women aged 35 to 45 years. All patients in the decade went through a deletion of one or two ovaries or the uterus.

They found that if women have retained at least one ovary, it is less likely to have occurred ischemia of the heart and cancer. The mortality rate in these patients was lower by 16 percent than those who have lost both ovaries and the uterus.

What is the reason? As explained by the head of the research group Richard Lilford, who is a Professor of obstetrics and gynecology, complete removal of the ovaries reduces the risk of cancer of the organs of urine-genital system of women. However, to exclude the negative effect of such operations is impossible. In the short term, in the operated women, there is an acute shortage of the hormone estrogen, and there is no discomfort. However, there are long term effects that previously none of the experts studied. According to him, the women lost their female organs, the risk of getting cancer in the other body and put your heart.

Currently, scientists are looking for ways that would help to minimize this risk.