Could become a hurricane by the weekend: in the Atlantic ocean was formed tropical storm Gonzalo

Tropical storm Gonzalo, a record early storm by the name “G” may become a hurricane this weekend (July 25-26), before reaching the windward Islands. Writes about this Weather.

Может стать ураганом к выходным: в Атлантическом океане сформировался тропический шторм Гонсало

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Tropical storm Gonzalo formed in the Atlantic ocean between Africa and the Small Antillean Islands and may affect parts of the leeward Islands this weekend (25-26 July).

The storm is located more than 1,000 miles (1 600 km) East of the southern windward Islands and moving West.

According to Phil Klotzbach, a scientist from Colorado state University, Gonzalo became the first ever seventh named tropical storm on record in the Atlantic basin. The previous seventh named storm, Gert, 24 July 2005.

The tiny size of Gonzalo and his environment posed a major challenge of predicting its future intensity.

Dry air to the West and North of Gonzalo is one of the factors that can weaken or destroy a tropical cyclone.

However, ahead on the path Gonzalo is a sufficient number of warm deep ocean water, and it is generally warmer than average this time of year.

In addition, Gonzalo is a small tropical storm. Small tropical storms such as this can quickly grow in the right conditions, but they may also become stronger faster than heavy storm. In other words, they can increase and decrease much more and faster than normal storms.

Thus, the range of results to forecast the intensity high, from a storm that remained weak or has cleared to the East of the windward Islands, before a possible hurricane.

Fortunately, the forecast of the storm’s path a little easier. Saturday, July 25, he will travel to the Windward Islands, and on Sunday, July 26 — Eastern part of the Caribbean sea.

Residents of the lesser Antilles, including such places as the South of Trinidad and Tobago, and even the Northern coast of Venezuela, should carefully monitor the progress of Gonzalo, as it can hurt them.

First in the primary region of formation

Gonzalo is the first tropical storm of the season, which formed in the so-called “main region of formation” of the Atlantic ocean between Africa and the Small Antillean Islands.

This is the sign that you’re active months of the hurricane season, when tropical storms and hurricanes can be formed not only in the Gulf of Mexico, off the Southeast coast or in the Western Caribbean sea, but in this the main region of formation and a long way to go across the Atlantic basin.

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