Could have been prevented: a new version of the death of Viktor Tsoi

Можно было предотвратить: названа новая версия гибели Виктора Цоя

A deadly car accident, which killed the leader of group “Cinema” Victor Tsoy, could have been prevented. This is stated in the investigation of the journalist Leo Godovannik, which, together with the experts studied the cause of the accident. The material on this published by “Fontanka”, writes “”.

It is reported that for their study, Godovannik turned to the experts of the Institute of road safety of Saint Petersburg state University of architecture and construction. He gave them obtained in Latvia Technical passport of the road Sloka — Talsi, killing Choi. In addition, he presented a diagram of the accident.

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Expert Yegor Heads said that roads in the area of the collision of “Moskvich” musician and not a bus equipped with signs that would have warned drivers about the narrowing of the road, dangerous corner and the speed reduction.

According to the expert, the musician slid into the narrowed dirt road, it skidded and he rode under a bus.

In addition, Yegor Heads have carefully reviewed the photo from the place of death of Viktor Tsoy. There are warning signs already are. But he noted that they were probably installed after the accident. Moreover, the documents about signal and road signs in the region about the signs has no information.

The expert’s conclusion was simple: road signs with warnings about dangerous driving could save the life of a musician. He recalled that Choi was inexperienced drivers and therefore must be slowed.

As we know, Viktor Tsoi died 15 August 1990, after the “Moskvich”, which he operated, has left on an oncoming lane, where collided with bus “Ikarus”. The musician was then 28 years old. The bus driver was found not guilty.

As previously reported “FACTS”, a friend of Viktor Tsoi, singer Joanna has revealed previously unknown details of his death in his book of memoirs “Stingray in Wonderland.”

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