Council of the Federation: the provinces demand more free trade

Council of Federation: Provinces Call for More Free Space ;change


VICTORIA | The Premier of Alberta has convinced his counterparts to increase free trade between the provinces by eliminating the exceptions that regulate the Canadian agreement. François Legault wants to counterbalance American protectionism.

“The Canadian economy loses tens of billions of dollars each year due to a lack of free trade within Canada,” argued the first Alberta Minister Jason Kenney during a solo press briefing at the Council of the Federation in Victoria.

” I have appealed to other prime ministers to eliminate most of their exceptions in Canada's free trade agreement and to speed up the recognition of professional credentials. ” 

According to him, the 28 countries of the European Union exercise much more free trade than the 10 provinces of Canada. 

He pleads for better recognition of professional orders and believes there is “in principle” a consensus with the provinces, but that they must now take action.

“Everyone would benefit from more exchanges, mobility and less regulation,” he said.

Open Legault

The Premier of Quebec admits that the provinces must do more, especially with the rise of American protectionism. 

“We all agree to facilitate trade between the provinces  ;”, affirmed the Premier of Quebec. “We see with the United States that there is more and more protectionism. So, this is an additional reason for the provinces and territories to facilitate trade, also facilitate the recognition of prior learning for people who change province or territory,” he said.

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