Counterintelligence the Czech Republic announced the opening of the Russian spy network (PHOTO)

Контрразведка Чехии объявила о раскрытии российской шпионской сети (ФОТО)

The head of the security Service and information of the Czech Republic (BIS) Michael Koudelka said that his Ministry and the Czech police exposed the activities of the Russian spy network, which, according to him, working through the Russian Embassy in Prague.

“The network was completely defeated and beheaded,” said Koudelka in Parliament. According to the head of the BIS, the network “was created by people associated with the FSB, and financed by Russia and the Russian Embassy,” writes

Michael Koudelka says that the members of the network were planning attacks against targets in the Czech Republic and in other countries through the Internet. He also said that the network was part of a larger structure created by Russia in other European countries. However, the head of the BIS did not name the countries, transfers “Interfax”.

Information about the investigation was confirmed by the head of the police Directorate for combating organized crime, Jiri Mazanek. This unit is also involved in the investigation.

The Russian Embassy has denied any involvement in the spy network.

In December 2018, the BIS released its annual report, according to which in 2017 Russia and China have stepped up intelligence activities in the Czech Republic. The authors of the report argued that Russia for espionage uses sites that distribute misinformation, as well as the purchase of Czech companies to Russian investors.

The press also writes that in the beginning of 2018 was revealed a group of Russian spies who acquired Czech citizenship and had to work in Prague under the guise of the two firms. It was assumed that they would sell computer hardware and software, and at the same time to carry out hacker attacks.

Czech analysts said that Russia’s goal is to undermine NATO and the EU due to the weakening of individual members of these unions.

Speaking in Parliament, Michael Koudelka called the right decision to send from the Czech Republic three Russian diplomats after himataki in Salisbury in March 2018. According to him, all three were officers of the Russian intelligence.

Along with Russia, the greatest danger for the Czech Republic carries the China. However, he chose a different tactic. If Moscow is the spying under the cover of diplomatic activity, the Beijing invites foreign scientists, politicians and other leaders to recruit them and get the right information, says Koudelka.