Countries with a high rate of vaccination against measles have relatively fewer diseases COVID-19

In 2019, when the Pacific country of Samoa covered the measles outbreak, doctors visited almost every house to vaccinate residents. Vaccinated against mumps, measles and rubella received almost 90% of the population, were vaccinated everyone: children and adults. And when the world became a pandemic in Samoa, surprisingly, almost didn’t feel the danger COVID-19. This is stated in the video “voice of America”.

Страны с высоким показателем прививок от кори имеют сравнительно меньшее количество заболеваний COVID-19

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Madagascar, Hong Kong and South Korea have recently experienced measles outbreaks and carried out mass vaccination of the population. In all of these countries recorded a low level of infection with coronavirus.

“There is an obvious link between the vaccine for mumps, measles and rubella and the population with the best immune COVID-19,” says Jeff gold, a scientist for data analysis in the world health organization (who).

The scientist also analyzed the countries with a low prevalence of vaccination against measles.

“Italy was one of the least vaccinated countries against measles as of 2002. Further, the UK, France, the United States and Germany,” says Jeff.

Gold findings show that in places where mass vaccinate against measles, adults were less vulnerable to coronavirus compared with residents of the countries where the rates of vaccinations were lower. Experts also pay attention to the research of Cambridge University, which indicate that component against rubella in the MMR vaccine increases the immunity of the person. Scientists in several countries are now studying this theory.

At this time survey of Syrian children in one of the refugee camps in Turkey have shown that they are six times less had to be hospitalized than citizens of Turkey.

“We need to examine people vaccinated with MMR vaccine, also children, immigrants, soldiers, tourists and compare them with groups of adults who have not had the MMR vaccine,” says O Ramazan Kaya, scientist, University of Kahramanmaras.

According to the chief infectiologist of the United States, Dr. Anthony Fauci, is to try everything that could improve people’s health and protect them from diseases, especially during a pandemic.

“There is a theory that if you vaccinate, say, a measles vaccine, it will protect from coronavirus. This theory has not been proved definitively,” said Fauci.

The researchers hope to prove this theory. If the MMR vaccine really protects against coronavirus, it could be used worldwide without further testing, because we have already proved that it is safe and mostly available in all countries. At least, I hope researchers, it could provide temporary protection until a vaccine COVID-19.



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