Court Dallas with tears in his eyes, was sentenced to 10 years, police had mistaken the apartment and killed a neighbor, mistaking him for a robber (VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

The court Dallas was sentenced to 10 years in prison a former employee of the US police who shot his neighbor in his own apartment, allegedly mistaking in the darkness of his dwelling with her and taking him for a burglar who broke into her house. The jury such explanation 31-year-old defendant amber Geiger did not agree and in the first seven days of hearings came to the conclusion that she shot an innocent man.

The Prosecutor asked the court to appoint Geiger punishment in the form of 28 years of imprisonment, which, as noted by NBCnews, looked very symbolic, as the victim’s ex-police accountant Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) to Botea Jean, last Sunday would have turned 28 years old.

African-American Jean, a native of the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia, on that fateful for himself the evening of 6 September 2018 was in the apartment, which is on the floor above the apartment Geiger. He sat on the couch and eating ice cream, when his door neighbor, dressed in a police uniform, although at the time she was not on duty. Geiger shot Jean in the chest, he died on the spot.

My colleagues arrived at the scene, Geiger explained that he was shooting at a burglar, because I thought that opened the door to his apartment, which was unlocked. Seeing the room in person, she felt that she was in danger.

In Russia, a man had the wrong apartment and killed the neighbor, mistaking him for his wife’s lover

Lawyers Geiger explained that the police that day worked 14 hours straight, and it affected her emotional and psychological state. In addition, according to them, before the “series of terrible mistakes” that night, September 6, she shared with a fellow COP for free sex that also diverted her attention.

Prosecutors, in turn, accused Geiger that she “raider style” broke into the apartment of Jean and started to shoot, while he was sitting on the couch. Assistant district attorney Jason Fain called “nonsense” explanation about the messed up apartment and stated that the actions of the police “was not a mistake.”

However, the court found, the apartment building in which lived the victim and the criminal, has an unusual architectural features, which some people often try to go into someone else’s apartment, writes the BBC Russian service.

When prosecutors accused Hagen under article “manslaughter”, which implies a lighter penalty, the public Dallas stirred. Protesters overnight blocked the traffic near the courthouse. Residents wanted to teach the answer to the question, can they be safe in their own homes. The police had to arrest several people.

Amber, the time of the murder who served in the police for 4 years, during sentencing in court were not, she admitted her guilt and repented of his fatal mistake. Participants listened to emotional speeches of friends and relatives of the deceased.

The brother of the deceased got very emotional during the testimony, told Geiger that “he loves her as a person” because she repented, and hugged her. “I forgive you”, he said and added: “I wouldn’t want to send you to prison, I love you as a person and I don’t want you to feel bad.” Then they hugged and did not let go of each other.

Live with forgiveness, with tears and embraces between the brother of the victim and the defendant went to the social networks and sparked heated debate on Twitter, where users have debated whether it was necessary to hug the killer.

In the end, the jury after an hour of discussion, the verdict rendered, which was much softer than expected. Amber Geiger was found guilty, sent to 10 years in prison, but she originally faced up to 99 years in prison.