Courtney Cox shared a selfie with Matthew Perry

Star of TV series “Friends” had lunch together.

Кортни Кокс поделилась селфи с Мэттью Перри

Courteney Cox has pleased his followers Instagram a photograph with a colleague on the famous TV series Matthew Perry.

Guess what I was at lunch today… I know! Can I be happier?

— has signed the actress and added the hashtag #realfriends.

While Courtney is working in several projects and continues to act, Matthew has departed from public life and focused on solving health problems and deliverance from addictions. In August 2018, the actor was for three months confined to bed due to perforation of the digestive tract. Perry was in serious condition and survived a complicated surgery followed by prolonged recovery.

Watch for the first publication Cox received over two million likes and many comments. “My two favorite people”, “I’m so glad you’re in life”, “Matthew fillers in the face? Once aged,” write in the comments users.

Selfie “Monica and Chandler” not left without attention and the other stars of the series. Lisa Kudrow, who played Phoebe Buffay, left the short “Lucky-lucky” and added the hashtag #beautifulpeople. And Jennifer aniston, known for her role as Rachel green, enthusiastically wrote:

Matty! Love you guys!