Covid-19: from trivialization to denial

Covid-19: from trivialization to denial


To illustrate a risky carelessness in the face of a real danger, the English have a very telling expression: whistling past the graveyard. Free translation: whistle in front of the cemetery. In the face of the pandemic, this is precisely what we are doing more and more.

COVID. Even the word slips into oblivion. That of governments and by ripple effect, ours. However, the reality is that the pandemic persists. These words capped my July 8 column.

Two weeks later, the denial persists. For months, in fact, in Quebec as elsewhere in the West, the authorities have lifted all health measures while the pandemic is still raging.

In Quebec, in the midst of the 7th wave, more than 600 people are hospitalized just for COVID. In Canada, of the 43,606 deaths so far from COVID, 15,814 are Quebecers. That's 36% of deaths for 22% of the Canadian population.

In our system, which is cracking everywhere, more than 7,000 health care workers, some of whom became infected “in the community “, are also missing. etc.

However, everywhere in the West, governments are content with timid calls for “vigilance”. That of François Legault is no exception. Neither did the national director of public health, Dr. Luc Boileau.

The right to be irresponsible

Yesterday's announcement of the vaccine offered for children under 5 is certainly good news.

Still, it's a big problem. Either here as elsewhere, since the lifting of health measures, most people simply no longer follow them.

No need to call them irresponsible since the decision-makers have given them the right to be. The reality is that in recent months, the laissez-faire attitude of Western states has allowed the return in force of the hyper-individualistic reflexes yet known to their citizens.

Clearly more enamored than we are with our small “I”s than with the large collective “us”. The mask is the ultimate example. As soon as the limited obligation to wear it ended, except for a very small minority, the mask disappeared from the scene.

In our mentality of cozy Westerners, wearing a mask in a pandemic does not pass for an inconvenience, but for torture or a scandalous violation of freedom. 

Culture of the “me-king”

In shops and transport, how many cough their lives without a mask as it is their “right” to do so? They disseminate the Covid, risking giving it to people whose more fragile health makes them likely to die of it or to have a severe form of it followed by serious sequelae. 

However, people more fragile do not have a label on the front. At the grocery store or on a bus, no one knows who is more vulnerable.

That's why, living in our irreformable 'me-king' culture, more and more experts are asking decision-makers to impose the mask again, at least in transport and enclosed public places.

Ditto for better ventilation of public places and a more sustained and clear campaign for the 3rd and 4th doses of vaccine. Etc. 

Thereupon, I persist. Policy makers tell us to learn to “live with COVID”. So why abandon measures that, in addition to being simple, would allow us to do it in a more responsible and supportive way?

Covid-19: from trivialization to denial