COVID-19: hospitalizations on the rise in Quebec, new call for vaccination

COVID-19: hospitalizations on the rise in Quebec, new call for vaccination


Public health has said it is “concerned” by an increase in COVID cases that it has observed in recent weeks, in the context of the start of the school year.

“Currently, what we are seeing is a constant increase in cases for the past four weeks,” explained Christian Dubé, Minister of Health and Social Services.

He was doing the update on the situation on Wednesday, with Dr. Luc Boileau, national director of public health.

“[With the arrival of cold weather] we will be even more inside, there will be even more contagions. Be careful, and Christmas is coming. It's not that far. If we want to be well prepared, let's be sure to have a good vaccination, ”recalled Dr. Boileau.

For the moment, the increase in cases is not yet “exponential” , as was the case during the summer, during the seventh wave.

“Our health network remains very fragile, and we must find the means to limit the pressure on our network and that requires vaccination,” said Mr. Dubé.

Although he does not envisage a return to sanitary measures, he has repeatedly reiterated the importance of having good “respiratory hygiene”, calling for everyone's responsibility. Especially in the context of the arrival of cold weather which will ensure that the population is more indoors.

“When you have symptoms, don't be embarrassed to wear the mask. It's part of respiratory etiquette. It is important that we limit the spread of the virus in every possible way,” said Mr. Dubé.

He also expressed concern about what was happening elsewhere in the world, in particular in Europe.

“Public Health continues to monitor the situation, particularly new variants. The height of a new wave could be influenced by new variants, which is not yet the case,” he revealed.


Currently, only 22% of the population has received a booster dose in the last five months. The situation does not worry Mr. Dubé unduly, since the “target” population, made up of the elderly and at risk, would be more vaccinated.

“Among young people, the percentages are lower, but it is We must also take into account that there are several of them, and probably a greater proportion than among the oldest, who have had COVID in the last few months,” said Mr. Dubé.

The health network has been vaccinating up to 100,000 people per week since August 15th. A rate that public health wants to see maintained over the next few days.

“Every day, there are people who will have been five months since they had the last dose, because that it was still well distributed. There are always those who have to get the vaccine,” noted Dr. Boileau.

In addition, the bivalent vaccine from Pfizer should be available in the coming days in Quebec vaccination centers.