COVID-19 in the United States: confirmed cases and deaths by state

According to the Centers for control and prevention of diseases of the United States (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC) on Wednesday, March 4, 13 U.S. States have reported 100 cases of infection with coronavirus in Chinese. Of these, 30 were associated with travel, 17 — transfer from one person to another, the 53 is still being verified, reports Fox News.

COVID-19 в США: подтвержденные случаи заражения и смертей по штатам

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Later on March 4, new Jersey and Texas have confirmed the first two cases COVID-19, which still have to check the CDC, while new York reported five more cases of the virus. According to the Johns Hopkins University, in the United States 159 cases, however, official government agencies have check this figure.


Representatives of state health reported that in Arizona at the moment two cases of coronavirus. Currently, the state lab self testing people for the presence of coronavirus, rather than relying on data Centers for control and prevention of diseases.


California reported 37 cases. California was the first state in which there was disease of “unknown origin”. On 4 March, the state reported its first death from coronavirus.


FL has confirmed three cases of coronavirus. As a result, the famous Ultra Music Festival in Miami was cancelled. For the first time in the 21 year history of the festival it will not happen.


Georgia reported two cases of coronavirus both people living under one roof. One of them recently returned from Italy, where in recent weeks seen a surge in incidence.


Public health officials in Illinois announced four confirmed cases of coronavirus. The fourth case is a woman aged 70 years, whose husband was the third case of detection of coronavirus. The first two confirmed infected have fully recovered.


One case of coronavirus has been confirmed in Massachusetts, the CDC is working to confirm the second. A resident of Boston at the age of 20 years were sick with the disease in February, after a trip to Wuhan.

New Hampshire

CDC reported one confirmed case of coronavirus in new Hampshire, also, according to representatives of state health, another case is currently under examination. A confirmed case was diagnosed in a young man returning from Italy.

Check the second case is an adult male who was in “close contact” with the first man. Currently they are both isolated at home.

New Jersey

The first presumptive positive case of coronavirus according to Governor Phil Murphy, the acting Governor Sheila Oliver and Commissioner of the Department of health of new Jersey Judith Persichilli, was confirmed in new Jersey. He became a man at the age of 30 years who on March 3 was hospitalized.

New York

According to Governor Andrew Cuomo, currently, at least 22 people in new York have confirmed the presence of coronavirus, 10 in Westchester and one in new York.

Five new cases identified in one family from new Rochelle is a 46-year-old woman, her 45-year-old husband and their three children. The whole family was quarantined.

Their father is friends with the lawyer who was the first person infected in the city.

Fox News reports that the husband, wife, daughter and son, and a neighbor who drove her husband to the hospital, also contracted the virus.

In Manhattan, caught 39-year-old health-care worker, recently traveled to Iran.

North Carolina

North Carolina on Wednesday confirmed its first case of infection with the virus. According to officials, it happened in a nursing home in Washington state.


On Wednesday, the health Department of Oregon has confirmed that three patients have put tested positive for the coronavirus. The first of them was a primary school teacher after this became known, the school was closed for disinfection.

Rhode Island

Department of health state Rhode island reported two “presumptively positive” cases, both of which were in patients returning from a European train.


The Department of health of Tennessee reported one confirmed case of coronavirus. The patient was a man from Williamson County, has recently come from out of state. He is isolated at home.


Texas confirmed the first positive case of coronavirus. They became patient County of Fort bend, who returned from an overseas trip, he was admitted to the hospital for quarantine.


Washington suffered from COVID-19. Of the 39 cases in the state, 10 people were killed. Nine of the victims were reported in king County, one dead — in the County of Snohomish. An outbreak of coronavirus was recorded at the center of care and rehabilitation in Kirkland.

The technical giants in the Seattle area took precautions to protect their staff after two employees of Facebook and Amazon test positive for the virus.


Wisconsin confirmed one case of the coronavirus. In the press release of the Ministry of health of Wisconsin States that a patient before he is sick, went to Beijing, and it seemed to him that it feels good.


The doctors in Nebraska have cured 13 patients with COVID-19 — they were all on a cruise ship Diamond Princess in Japan.

As of early Thursday morning, March 5, the world health organization reported 270 95 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection around the world and 3 of 281 fatalities. More than 80 of the 500 confirmed cases, about 85% occurred in China. In mid-February the country was 99% of all cases.