COVID-19: more and more Quebecers are getting rapid tests

COVID-19: more and more Quebecers are getting rapid tests< /p> UPDATE DAY

Since Public Health announced a seventh wave of COVID-19 in Quebec on Thursday, a craze for rapid tests has been felt in pharmacies. 

In the last three weeks, the Quebec Association of Pharmacy Distributors (AQDP) has noted an increase in demand for rapid tests, while outbreaks follow one another in hospitals, CHSLDs and RPAs in the province.< /p>

Despite this enthusiasm, the AQDP wants to reassure the population: there are enough tests for everyone.

“The situation is exceptional in terms of supplies, commented the director from the AQDP, Hugues Mousseau. We are able to cope with a sudden significant increase in demand if that occurs.”

“The situation we are currently experiencing has nothing to do with what we had during the holidays passed,” he added.

The Quebec Association of Proprietary Pharmacists also believes that there will be enough tests when the school year starts in the fall. She specifies that Ottawa and Quebec have purchased several boxes.

“I am very reassured, testified Pierre Marc Gervais, director at the Association québécoise des pharmacists proprietors. I expect it to be the same situation in the fall”.

One box per person

In the face of the enthusiasm for the tests , the owner pharmacists remind you of the rules to follow. Customers can only purchase one box of tests per 30 day period. Symptomatic customers are also asked not to go to the pharmacy, but rather to do business with a delivery service, or to ask a loved one to get the tests.