COVID-19: the Cabinet has extended the list of goods exempted from duties

COVID-19: Кабмин расширил перечень товаров, освобождаемых от пошлин

Some types of medical equipment and medicines are now imported to Ukraine without paying customs duties

We are talking about automatic stations for the extraction of RNA and specific test-systems.

The government of Ukraine on the proposal of the Ministry of health has extended the regulations, which exempts from duties the list of goods necessary for the prevention of coronavirus, and expanded the list. This decision was taken at the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, July 22.

In particular, the expanded list of such items:

  • automatic extraction of RNA;
  • test systems intended for qualitative detection of antibodies to nucleocapsid antigen of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in serum samples and human blood plasma by enzyme immunoassay.

Earlier, the Cabinet approved the list of medicines, medical devices and equipment designed to combat the coronavirus, which will be imported into Ukraine without duties and VAT.

It was also reported that the government has extended the adaptive quarantine in Ukraine before the end of the summer. Besides, there were introduced levels of risk.