‘COVID-fingers’ and other skin abnormalities: identified new symptoms of coronavirus

On the new coronavirus is still a lot to learn, including a wide range of symptoms that seem to dilate. Common symptoms of respiratory disease include fever, cough, shortness of breath and chills, but some doctors report less overt symptoms in some patients, including what some call “COVID-fingers” and other manifestations on the skin. This writes CBS News.

'COVID-пальцы' и другие кожные аномалии: выявлены новые симптомы коронавируса

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Esther Freeman, Director of the division of global health and dermatology at mass General and associate Professor at Harvard medical school, said that cases of “COVID-fingers” similar to frostbite or ulcer, the condition of inflamed blood vessels caused by cold temperatures.

“We are seeing the symptoms that we usually see when someone is exposed to cold temperatures, said Freeman. — However, when infected with coronavirus we have seen it in a warm climate, and we see this in patients who were in a warm room”.

Freeman said that the viruses cause rashes, so most dermatologists surprised COVID-19 can cause skin symptoms. “What surprises me is the “COVID-fingers”, these are similar to frostbite of defeat because we have not seen similar symptoms from other viruses.”

“Over the past two weeks in my clinic I’ve seen more toes than in all his previous collaborative career,” said Freeman, a member of the task force of the American Academy of dermatology (AAD) at COVID-19.

Besides the fact that she saw skin symptoms in their patients, Freeman also received examples of these symptoms from medical professionals from around the world. Target group AAD COVID-19 established the international registry for physicians to enable them to send examples of dermatological manifestations COVID-19, to help in further study of these symptoms. Still doctors from 21 different countries send information to the registry.

Freeman said that “COVID-fingers” were seen as children and adults. Sometimes they are present together with more typical symptoms of the coronavirus, and sometimes they are the only symptom experienced by the patient.

“In fact, nearly half of the registry, there are other symptom,” said Freeman.

Some doctors also reported that they have seen skin diseases that look like morrovalle (similar to measles) rash, hives or chicken pox.

In fact, one of the first series of cases of dermatological manifestations of coronavirus consisted of 18 Italian patients with multiple cutaneous abnormalities including redness, hives and rash.

Freeman said that her own patients, as a rule, turning to her with two major problems. “The first thing they want to know is: “My fingers are purple, I really get sick?” and second, what can I tell patients is: “Can I infect my family?”

Freeman said it’s important to be careful, because some patients with “COVID-fingers” can still be contagious and should talk with their doctor about testing for the presence of coronavirus.

“The overall message I want to convey to the public not to panic,’ said Freeman. — Most patients who have “COVID-your fingers,” feel very good”.

“If you need to go to the er because you are sick or you have other symptoms, which you need to pass the examination, is normal. But if you only have one symptom purple fingers, you don’t need to panic and quickly go to the emergency room,” said Freeman, adding that if the patient found skin abnormalities on his body, he should talk to a doctor.

A group of dermatologists from Brussels, Belgium and Portland (or), also studied the lesions of the toes and the skin in connection with COVID-19. In their report, said that for dermatologists, it is important to recognize the signs of the disease.

Researchers write about the 23-year-old man, who for three days was purple and painful spots on the toes and on the outer side of the legs. A few days before that he had a mild fever and a dry cough.

After a complete examination of the skin the patient had received a positive result on COVID-19. Researchers say that he was diagnosed with “frostbite, caused by a coronavirus”, the medical term for the sores on the skin. According to the researchers, such cases were observed by French and Belgian dermatologists, but previously they were not reported because of the lack of testing.

“In young patients suffering from ulcers, there was no criteria are sufficient to test for the presence of coronavirus, the study says. — Due to recent outbreaks “COVID-fingers” along with the increased cases of infection with coronavirus, the disease COVID-19 has been considered as a possible cause,” they write.

The study examined the cases of infection with coronavirus children and young people, whose legs were affected stronger than their hands.

“Ulcers can be the first symptom COVID-19, and fever, and dry cough can be minimal or absent,” — said in the study.

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • Doctors in the US and China noted that among those infected has increased dramatically the number of people with kidney failure. As a result, the hospitals are already visible acute shortage of dialysis machines (“artificial kidney”), as well as medical staff who know how to handle such patients, not to mention necessary medications.
  • Infection with coronavirus is not limited to the infection of the respiratory organs. As shown by practical investigations, a significant number of patients, the virus infects the nervous system. The mechanism of eg on the impact on nerve cells is not yet understood, but scientists do not doubt that some kind of connection there is a temporary loss of taste or smell were recognized by specific symptoms Covid-19 in mid-March.


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