COVID has a wide back!

COVID has a wide back!


We are constantly told that we are short of staff in Quebec. Restaurants are closing their doors, others only offer drive-thru or reduce their opening hours. One of the reasons given, the pandemic. Let's do some soul-searching instead. 

Yesterday morning, 15-year-old Sasha (name changed to protect the youth's identity) went to the Blainville branch of a well-known coffee chain. His first job and his training day. He is quite proud. He wants to help his parents pay his school fees. Around 2 p.m., Sasha returns home, deeply sad, upset. Her mother tries to understand. He liked the youth team and the manager, but what about this arrogant and disrespectful owner? A contemptuous attitude, worthy of people who, to give themselves importance, crush others. We know these people! They abound in several professional spheres. You surely know some. 

COVID is to blame! Really? 

Labour shortage 

In Canada, more than half of entrepreneurs struggle to recruit. We are also witnessing an unequal distribution of the workforce, particularly in customer service companies. In addition, nearly 20% of the payroll in Quebec, the largest since the baby boomers, is made up of young people from Generation Z (12 to 25 years old).  

In other words, Sasha's generation and the next, the so-called Alpha, will make up the majority of the workforce for years to come. Therefore, if employers want to recruit these young people and keep them, they are going to have to understand them and provide them with a healthy work environment. For example, Generation Z is known to seek a rewarding, flexible, respectful, and non-confrontational workplace. Smooth communication with the hierarchy is important to them. Which is far from the practices of this café.  

Workplace harassment 

In Quebec, employers are required to put in place puts in place a policy for the prevention of psychological and sexual harassment, as well as a process for handling complaints. 

They must also make it known to their employees. Offenders are also liable to a fine of $600 to $1,200. If they are reported and do not resolve the situation, the fine can go up to $6,000.  

Did you know that complaints retained (lesions accepted) by the CNESST for psychological harassment and sexual have experienced a sharp increase from 2017 to 2020 (+414 %), as have the appeals handled by their legal cases (+71.9 %)? These increases show in a way that the employees no longer allow themselves to be pushed around and that several denunciations seem to be founded. Please note that Quebec is the only province to offer legal services to its workers.  

If we want to change things and set an example for young people, let's do our part. Personally, I choose to spend in businesses that have practices that respect their employees. And you? 

COVID has a wide back!