Crashed on houses: in Pakistan crashed passenger plane with hundreds of people on Board

Near Karachi, the plane crashed “Pakistan international airlines”, said a local civil aviation authority. It is noted that the plane was about to land, BBC reports.

Рухнул на жилые дома: в Пакистане разбился пассажирский самолет с сотней людей на борту

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The state of Pakistan TV showed footage, which shows that the plane fell in a residential area of the city.

“The plane crashed in Karachi. We are trying to establish the exact number of passengers,” — said the representative of the civil aviation authority, Abdul Sattar of kokhar. He noted that the plane Airbus A320 was heading to Karachi from Lahore.

Earlier, the authorities reported that on Board the plane, according to preliminary data, there were 107 people, but then this figure has been updated. According to the latest information, onboard there were 99 people — 91 passengers and 8 crew members.

The Pakistani military said on Twitter that the crash site was dispatched security forces and helicopters are engaged in the examination of the scene and assist the emergency services.

The Geo TV channel, citing sources in the rescue services said that from the rubble of houses destroyed by the fall of the airliner, were rescued 15-20 people. Eight people were injured and were hospitalized. It is reported that they found the body of one child and one adult.

Contact with the plane was lost one minute before landing, reported the Geo TV channel, citing sources in the civil aviation authority.

Assessment center aviation events aircraft JACDEC reports that the plane crashed during a second attempt to land. They say that the records testify that the pilot filed a distress signal, when he saw problems with the engine, says “TCH”.

The authorities just a few days ago were allowed to resume flights, which were suspended due to pandemic coronavirus.

In Pakistan today, the first day of the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr holiday, and many people go to their families to celebrate.

Earlier the country had already occurred the crash.

In 2010, the aircraft, operated by private airline Airblue, crashed near Islamabad. All 152 people on Board were killed in what became the worst air disaster in Pakistan’s history.

2012 Boeing 737-200 Pakistani company Bhoja Air crashed due to bad weather when landing in Rawalpindi. All the people on Board were killed — 121 passengers and six crew members.

And in 2016 the plane, “Pakistan international airlines” caught fire during a flight from the North of Pakistan in Islamabad, in which killed 47 people.

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