Crazy about the BBQ: he loves the Big Green Egg

BBQ crazy: he loves the Big Green Egg


A Drummondville resident has come to terms with cooking on the barbecue after discovering the Big Green Egg with which he has cooked more than 600 tasty pizzas.

For Blaise Laflamme , the barbecue has long been associated with the caricature of the “uncle” drying his meatballs on his propane appliance, crushing them on the grill to release the juice.

When his brother, who was particularly critical, praised the Kamado-type ceramic charcoal barbecue, with its egg shape, a “new world” opened up to him. 

“J 've seen an interest in expanding my cooking possibilities”, says this father.

In 2017, he bought a Big Green Egg which also changed his life.

Like music

This classical guitarist threw himself into the kitchen with the same passion and discipline as when he plays a piece of music that turns him on.

“I like cooking, manipulating textures. There is a creative side that resembles music! he shares.

Pizza has become his signature dish and the new chef doesn't count all the ones he missed before he mastered the right 'timing”, essential in baking the dough.

Mr. Laflamme estimates that he has cooked more than 600 pizzas to practice, religiously following the advice of pros, such as British chef Jamie Oliver.

Ricardo's recipe for his fresh pasta has become a classic.

A taste of Italy

“He did so much! commented his wife, Annick Jolicoeur, noting that guests today say that his pizzas taste of Italy.

Their favorites: the marinara or the pepperoni and bacon covered with a drizzle of lemon sauce. maple and whisky.

The 50-year-old likes to discover the new regional seasonings and sauces available.

Thanks to the three functions of his Big Green Egg, he uses it to cook the famous turkey of the holiday meal. He also likes the tomahawk steak, which is always a winner.

“Now, when we go to a restaurant, we are disappointed! » says this lover of good food, with a smile.

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