Created by the best diet for weight loss where you can eat all

Scientists from Germany have developed an optimal system of weight loss that not only lose weight but to capture the result achieved. In order to lose weight permanently, you need to focus on interval fasting, and not on the rejection of any specific products.

Создана лучшая диета для похудения, при которой можно есть все

“We need to strive to ensure that your diet is in some sense unstable. I mean, we are talking about that type of weight loss that is achieved by fasting interval. There is, thus, everything is possible, but you need to follow some fairly simple rules” — say the developers of the new effective diet.

What are the rules? There are several simple circuits. For example, a daily interval in which all you can eat for eight hours, and then can’t eat anything for sixteen hours. There is another scheme based on the alternation of days with restrictions. Plus, there is a scheme in which fifteen days of the diet are replaced by five days of “gluttony”.

Ruth Schuebel, the study’s lead author, says that all of the tested interval fasting has shown high efficiency. “We conducted a study involving one hundred and fifty persons, which according to the results of the experiment could not only lose weight but also to get rid is very dangerous to health visceral fat”, says Schuebel.