Creating a professional wardrobe

When it comes to creating a professional wardrobe, being more selective with what you purchase is worth it, even if that results in you buying fewer items overall. There is a certain fluidity to fashion and the stylish person knows how to play it to their advantage to get the most bang for their buck! Not only will you look better, you’ll also get more value for your money because your closet won’t end up full of clothes you never get the chance to wear.

How to Build a Professional Wardrobe in 5 Steps | Kara J Lovett Co.

The secret to putting together quality outfits with ease? Assembling your arsenal of essential items in just a few key colors like black or navy and then using accessories from brands like Toner Jewelers to help you stand out and break up the monotony of color so your style doesn’t all look the same every day like you accidentally went to a uniform store and grabbed a bunch of matching blazers.

Instead of rushing out to buy a “new” dress for every holiday or event coming up; invest in a few key staple pieces you can wear time and time again to make your clothing options more versatile – allowing you to get the most out of what you already have in your wardrobe while still adding variety and style to your weekly lineup with little extra effort every time you need something new to wear to work that day or what you plan on wearing to the party that night.

Besides your undergarment basics such as basic t-shirts and solid colored dresses – a solid white t-shirt is a versatile and affordable piece that every well-dressed woman should own that can be worn on top of almost every other piece of clothing you own to give you a flattering silhouette since it will pair well with dark denim jeans or even tucked into a pencil skirt for work office-appropriate attire or a fitted pencil shirt for a more casual Saturday brunch date with your girlfriends.

With the perfect shade of red lipstick and a few fun accents you can add any ensemble into one of the most gorgeous looking ensembles possible by transforming each boring ordinary outfit into the chicest and most glamorous day. Think about this next time you’re at the department store grabbing a few new shirts for the spring season and you’re convinced you must have every color in the same style of a top you can find because it’s so much better than just the plain ol’ white shirt you wear. Chances are you probably have enough clean undergarments at home that you could get away with just having a simple pair of black or white slacks in your regular rotation that you only find special occasions worth dressing up for since they don’t get worn very often.