Crisis services: in the USA less people fly, what goes on in metro new York

New data show how much the coronavirus has hit the aviation industry: only in the subway of new York is traveling more people than in the sky across the country, writes Fox News.

Кризис авиаперевозок: по США летает меньше людей, чем ездит в метро Нью-Йорка

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According to reports, more people use the subway system of new York than fly throughout the United States. The airline suffered greatly from the pandemic coronavirus, and new data seem to illustrate this.

According Simple Flying for the last few months the number of air passengers in the United States has dropped significantly. During the same time period in the subway system of new York also observed a reduction in the number of passengers, which may explain the smaller number of tourists visiting the city, and the fact that many of the residents work from home.

However, it is reported that the number of passengers increased in both industries.

Jason Rabinowitz of project tracking flights the first trend noticed and shared its findings with followers on Twitter. He published data on passengers from March 1 to mid-July.

“I have compiled data on the number of passengers, and only in metro new York they are almost twice more passengers than all airlines combined. Add @NYCTBus @LIRR and @MetroNorth [new York city bus, long Island rail road and the railway line of Metro-North], and it will become clear how important funding public transport,” he wrote.

It may take some time before the airline industry will fully recover.

Tuesday, July 14, CEO of Delta Air Lines ed Bastian said the airline will keep some seats empty and after September 30, but warned that this policy will not last forever. According to him, blocking middle seats in rows was “the No. 1 reason why customers choose Delta”.




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