CRTC demands responses from Rogers by July 22

CRTC requires responses from Rogers by July 22< /p> UPDATE DAY

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has ordered Rogers to provide “detailed” responses by July 22 on the causes behind the widespread outage that left the network without more of 10 million customers last Friday.

“The CRTC is asking Rogers to explain in detail “why” and “how” this happened, as well as the measures that Rogers is putting in place to prevent future outages, CRTC Chairman Ian Scott said in a statement Tuesday.

As Scott points out, the outage also suspended calls to emergency like 9-1-1 and prevented a significant number of digital transactions between businesses and customers.

The CRTC has already announced that an investigation has been launched to be able to understand the origins of breakdown.

Federal Minister of Innovation François-Philippe Champagne called on the federal organization to provide him r recommendations to better regulate the telecommunications sector.

Mr. Champagne held a conference call with senior executives from the country's largest telecoms on Monday.

He gave the companies sixty days to develop a joint action plan to limit the impacts of 'a major outage.

In particular, the minister wants to force competing companies to help each other when a major outage occurs.

Rogers has already made it known that the outage has occurred after a system update that didn't go as planned.