Cruise ship quarantined over mers off the coast of California: on Board – Ukrainians and Russians

On Board of the cruise liner Grand Princess are 49 Ukrainians. The foreign Ministry of Ukraine reported that on the liner discovered coronavirus, reports the BBC.

Круизный лайнер на карантине из-за коронавируса у берегов Калифорнии: на борту - украинцы и россияне

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Now the ship is Grand Princess at anchor off the coast of California. On Board is 3.5 thousand persons that are citizens of 54 countries. Among them I found 21 cases of infection with coronavirus.

The entire liner was tested for the coronavirus.

Panic around the liner began this week, when it became known about the death of 71-year-old man in California, who in February was on a cruise on Grand Princess.

The ship was sailing from San Francisco to Mexico.

Then tests showed positive for coronavirus have another passenger who is currently undergoing treatment in California. After that, the state declared a state of emergency.

The ship was denied entrance to the Harbor of San Francisco. Helicopters from the U.S. coast guard brought on Board tests COVID-19.

Need to check all passengers who could potentially be in contact with the deceased man in California, as well as anyone showing signs of respiratory infection.

Depending on the results of the tests will decide whether to quarantine only the part of the passengers or the entire ship, said the Minister.

The Consulate General of Ukraine in San Francisco finds out, ill Ukrainians.

Earlier 25 Ukrainians were quarantined on the ship Diamond Princess in Japan. There in February coronavirus picked up hundreds of people. Among them were four Ukrainians. Three of them are still being treated in hospital in Tokyo. From the ship Diamond Princess has already released.

Also on Board the cruise liner Grand Princess, there were four Russians. This was reported in the company-the operator of the ship Princess Cruises, writes Lenta.

Clarifies that are the citizens of Russia are members of the crew. Russian diplomats are awaiting confirmation of this information from the US authorities.

According to the latest data, the U.S. recorded 233 cases of coronavirus. 12 people died, eight recovered. In the world infected with the virus, more than 98 thousand people.


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