Cry and smile: American councils about the correct behavior in the United States

American student on an exchange program in Kazakhstan, with humor said about the nuances of American culture and about how a foreigner should behave in the United States.

Плачьте и улыбайтесь: советы американца о правильном поведении в США

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Hereinafter in the first person.

Like all Americans, I am a patriot. Love their homeland and want all people ever visited America. But since we have a very special country, we have a special culture. And some of the nuances are sometimes incomprehensible even to me, the American. So I decided to write a sort of guide to acquaint foreigners with the homeland of the Burger.

About love for country

No more American music than country music. I can’t pinpoint whether this is good or bad, but country music called “sounds of America”. Why is it bad? Yes because the point of 90% of country music songs translates as “girl, girl, I’ve got my truck”! I do not exclude that in my attempts to translate it into Russian the meaning is lost and it sounds not so nice. But I’m not sure that the beauty sense ever took place in English.

But in any case, fans of country music in America very, very much. And they really don’t like it when someone doesn’t understand the beauty of this style. So if someone asks, do you like this song, immediately recustomise and wiping a tear, say: “This song reminded me about my truck, who remained at home…”

About national American kitchen

I am often asked what it is, a true American cuisine. I’ll be honest: the best American food is Mexican.

The beauty of American culture is that it has elements of many different cultures, and in the presence of Mexican food. Grandfather mom said he left Ireland because he was tired of potatoes, and he dreamed about the delicious food.

No matter why you came to America, but definitely try the tacos, burritos and fajita. And if you want to feel like a true American, eat it all the time.

Don’t insult Americans

If your face hurts after a trip to America, you’re probably offended many people. Because too few were smiling. We smile always. Walking in the street — smile. Buy coffee at McDonald’s — smiling. Fire someone with work smile. Both.

In Kazakhstan, people often think I’m mentally ill because I smile often. Although I’ve been doing it for 50% less than before. Now in America think I am a gloomy person. So advice: smile, always smile everywhere smile for everyone.

About sports

When in America, your name is on soccer, you have to be prepared for the fact that this is not the football you think. It’s always American football. I don’t know why in America, they suffer everything. I’ll try to describe how it looks.

Before the match over the stadium roar of military aircraft. On the field big men rush towards each other and clash. Someone take away from the field on a stretcher on the sideline dancing half-naked women, and in the stands the fans non-stop drink alcohol.

However, much drink and watching the match at home on TV, where every five minutes is long. By the way, the name of one of the most popular teams — a harsh insult to American Indians. In General, there is hardly a more American sport than American football.

About the bad memory, and state symbols

I think there was a time when Americans have forgotten what country they live in. And to solve the problem of bad memory, everywhere placed American flags in front of buildings, inside buildings, on t-shirts and underwear.

The main objective of the moon mission of “Apollo”? — Put a flag in a new place.

Maybe you find it strange the abundance of American flags, but you’ll never forget where you are.

About guns

An important place in American culture is… a weapon. Actually, it into America is much more than people. It is possible that you will see a man on the street with a gun or a gun in his hand. And, most likely, he did not break any law. And the man with a gun might ask, do you like country music. Well, you already know that you need to answer… they Say that country music reminds me of my truck… and the machine who remained at home.

And if you’re lucky, the other person will invite you to shoot with it out of the machine. This is the most fun and uniquely American form of recreation.