Cucumbers in tomato juice for the winter. Step by step recipe

By preserving cucumbers in tomato juice, you will get a 2 in 1 preparation. The cucumbers themselves acquire an unusual taste and aroma.

Tomato juice for the winter. A step-by-step recipe

Tomato sauce, unlike marinades, will also be used both as juice and as a dressing for soups and other dishes. How to make such a stock for the winter?

Description of the preparation of vegetables in tomato juice

Pickled vegetables are widely used in both European and Asian cuisine as salads and snacks.

The most accessible of them are cucumbers and tomatoes, which often complement each other well in the compositions. Marinated varieties should be chosen for preserving tomatoes in tomato juice, as is usually the case in European cuisine. According to the author of the book “Canning. The great book of recipes & oacute; in & rdquo;, I. Mikhailov, have a thin skin. Thanks to it, vegetables are well marinated, unlike the thick-skinned variety.

To obtain a high-quality workpiece, the size of the hands is also important. We will focus on the advice of technologists O. Klyueva and co-authors who, in the article about new varieties of preserves, cite the standards adopted in the food industry:

Top-class preparations are obtained from 9-11 cm long grains, it is these vegetables that best absorb everything useful from tomato juice. You can use larger tarts, cut them into pieces or slices. But then it is unlikely that they will delight you with a strong crunch.

Tomatoes for tomato sauce are better to choose juicy, even watery and very ripe. From fleshy and unripe, the filling will turn out to be thick, and if you dilute it with water, the value of the tomato juice will decrease. And it is rich in minerals (iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, etc.) and vitamins (carotene, group B, PP, C). Large vitamin losses can be avoided during long-term storage of homemade preserves.

So the candidate of chemical sciences A. Gadzhiyeva in the article & ldquo; Effective method of producing tomato juice & rdquo; claims that the less air remains in the jar when it is closed, the longer vitamin C is retained. As recommended by the expert, we take small pickles, typical of European cuisine.

Moreover, they are conveniently stored in 1-liter jars.

For a 1-liter (or 5 servings) jar, you will need the following set of products and spices:

og & oacute; rki – 0.5 kg;

tomato juice – 0.4 l;

s & oacute; l – 1 teaspoon;

sugar – 1 tablespoon. l .;

vinegar 9% – 1 tbsp. l .;

garlic – 1-2 cloves;

bay leaf – 1 pc;

allspice – 3 pcs;

ground hot pepper – to taste.

Based on these proportions, it is easy to calculate the number of products for the number of liter jar and portions you need.

How to prepare the cucumber tomato juice for the winter

Before preserving the cucumbers, they are usually soaked for 1-2 hours in clean water to remove the bitterness. If you have to do this for a long time, the water should be changed several times so that the vegetables do not turn sour. Tomato juice is best prepared in advance. You can do this in any available way:

1. Pass the tomatoes through a meat grinder. So that there is no skin in the juice, first pour boiling water over the tomatoes and remove the skin.

2. Obtain the finished juice with a conventional mechanical juicer.

 Tomatoes in tomato juice for winter. Step-by-step recipe

Prepare a container on the workpiece – jars and lids. Just wash the jars with baking soda or mustard, which do not leave a film, and pour boiling water over the lids.

Now you can go straight to canning:

Cut the tails of each cucumber, put them in the jar: the first row is vertical, then the smaller ones are horizontal.

You can't put them very tightly together so that there is enough space to pour the tomato.

Crumble the garlic over the slices and add to the jar, along with the bay leaf and allspice.

Og & oacute; hand in tomato juice for the winter. Step by step recipe

Pour boiling water into the jar with cucumbers. Pour carefully into the center of the jar, generally by hand, so that the glass does not break. Allow it to heat up for 15 minutes, then drain the water.

Pour the tomato juice into a saucepan and prepare a marinade from it by adding salt, sugar and hot pepper. Boil the marinade for 5 minutes, until the sugar and sugar are dissolved, then add the vinegar.

Og & oacute; hand in tomato juice for the winter. Step by step recipe

Pour the marinade into the jar, cover with lids. Count to leave some marinade.

Put the jars in a large saucepan (depending on the number of containers prepared), put a towel on the bottom, pour warm water and set on fire for pasteurization.

Process time after boiling: for 0.5 l jar – 10 minutes, for liter – 20 minutes.

 Og & oacute; rki in tomato juice for winter. Step by step recipe

If the marinade in the jars has calmed down a bit during this time, add the rest after cooking.

Carefully remove the jars, roll or screw the lids, turn over and wrap to cool.

You can choose the option of this item without sterilization. In this case, sterilize the jar in advance. Decant the cucumbers placed in the jars not once, but twice with boiling water for 15-20 minutes. Pour the tomato juice marinade a third time and close.

 Tomatoes in tomato juice for winter. Step by step recipe

Further steps are similar to the first option. It will take you about 60 minutes to prepare the vegetables and juice. Heat treatment, including heating the filled jar in boiling water, marinade preparation and sterilization, will also take 60 minutes. In winter, pickled cucumbers in tomato juice are a good alternative to pickled vegetables.

Spicy crispy cucumbers stimulate the appetite and good digestion. Tomato sauce will be a valuable addition to the preparation of meat or fish dishes.