CUPE continues to negotiate (PHOTO)

CUPE продолжает вести переговоры  (ФОТО)

CUPE (Canadian Union of public employees) and the provincial government returned to the negotiating table this morning, hoping to reach agreement on the third day of the search for a compromise solution.

Last Wednesday, the Union announced that workers support staff schools went on strike on 7 October, if the agreement is not signed by midnight, and the bill went on hours.

While thousands of parents look forward to and quickly try to place their children in case schools do not work, both parties have agreed about the information blockade at the time of negotiations, until it is clear that the transaction is concluded or the negotiation failed.

If the province can’t agree with supporting educators, thousands of students of greater Toronto will lose the opportunity to go to school on Monday.

The Union represents over 55,000 education workers including cleaners, clerical staff and educators of young children. The restrictions will apply including extra-curricular programs and extra-curricular activities and programs overseen by the city, and urban kindergartens.

Representatives of the Council stated that the strike would mean that the work will not work nearly half of employees, making it nearly impossible to functioning of schools.

By words a press-Secretary Metrolinx Anne Marie Aikins, indirectly, the strike may also affect the transport of GO.

“The leadership of Metrolinx calculates the possible situations that the usual schedule is not disrupted, however, can always be unforeseen, especially with regard to the (bus) GO Transit,” – she wrote on Twitter Friday.

She noted that many workers in the system of GO Transit with small children.

More than 30 school boards have said they will close their schools in the event of a strike.