Curiosity of the day: Prime Minister Boris Johnson was the cleaner

Курьез дня: премьер-министр Великобритании Борис Джонсон стал уборщиком

Discussing curious incident with a politician, Prime Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson.

The relevant post on his official page in social network Twitter was uploaded by the journalist Dmitry Smirnov

In the video, the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is mopping the floor of one of the office. Then he came to the town of Matlock, which has suffered from flooding and have said that the current government is ready in any ways to help small businesses in the country, taking the MOP in hand and set to work.

The author of the post, Dmitry Smirnov compares it to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin that “with the endless meetings Tulun, mops in hands did not take.” The way of Dmitry Smirnova on the page more than 87 thousand subscribers and this post attracted a lot of attention from readers. Many began to immediately comment on the event. “The language of the grind, it’s not a MOP wash”, “Because Putin bandalovski canons zapadlo”, “From the infinite Putin’s meeting left no medicine industry..only growing States close to bald”,”With this fool at least a minimum benefit — floors washed. The Kremlin only a fool collecting cones in the forest”, “in effigy. people in Tulun promised*anye 10 thousand still not received. by the way, their new home in their reports will not show?”, “here prop in Andong say Putin*at the Russians because unlike Boris Johnson, the people Putin was not elected”- write in the comments under the post by Dmitry Smirnov. Many users saw this as a simple window dressing and nothing more.”Johnson shouting — yelling encore! Great example! And what manner! It is immediately evident that in this as Boris, And the vacancy of the class! Is the Prime Minister. P/S a moral here, friends, is simple! The power of the West, not common, Conditions take place, Oh, the times! Oh, mores!”, “And no one there about the “window dressing” did not squeal. And here it already stinks in here. A piece of the floor for him specially smeared?”- also write in the comments.