Currency depreciates: how many today are the Euro and the dollar

The official rate of hryvnia to the Euro on July 8, was set at the level of 30.40 hryvnia/Euro.

The national Bank of Ukraine on Wednesday, July 8, strengthened the official exchange rate of hryvnia 20 kopecks to 26,9309 hryvnia per dollar against 27,1269 hryvnia to the dollar on Tuesday.

These data are presented on the NBU website.

Official exchange rate of hryvnia against Euro was set at the level of UAH 30,409 for the Euro against the 30,7226 UAH per Euro yesterday.

Exchange rates on July 8:

USD — 26,9309 UAH per 1 dollar.

EUR — 30,409 UAH for 1 Euro;

PLN — 6,8057 UAH per 1 Polish zloty;

RUB — 3,7552 UAH for 10 Russian rubles;

BYN — of 11.03 UAH per 1 Belarusian ruble;

TRY — 3,9225 UAH per 1 Turkish Lira;

MDL — 1,5554 UAH per 1 Moldovan LEU.

GBP -33,7336 UAH 1 GBP;

CHF — 28,5663 UAH 1 Swiss franc;

CNY -33,8348 UAH per 1 Chinese yuan

Валюта дешевеет: сколько сегодня стоят евро и доллар

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As reported, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky believes that now need to talk about some containment rate of the Ukrainian hryvnia.