Currency: Euro maximum for a year and a half

Курсы валют: евро на максимуме за полтора года

Photo: Reuters (archive photo)

The Euro rose sharply

The national Bank increased the Euro exchange rate from 38 cents. The higher the Euro the last time was in January 2019.

The national Bank of Ukraine on Tuesday, 28 July, sharply lowered the hryvnia exchange rate against the Euro – just 38 cents and was left unchanged against the dollar. This is evidenced by data on the NBU website on Monday, July 27.

The Euro rose to its highest level in 1.5 years. Higher the rate was only 13 January 2019 — 32,6096 hryvnia for one Euro.

The national Bank has set the official exchange rates at:

– $ 100 – 2775,71 UAH (+UAH 0,0012)

– 100 Euro – 3260,49 UAH (+UAH 0,3803).

On the interbank currency market the dollar in propagandizers 19 cents to 27.68 per dollar, the exchange rate in the purchase to 27.66 hryvnia per dollar. The Euro is up 18 cents to 32.54 hryvnia for one Euro.

Zelensky do not suggest to buy dollars

Now the NBU said the reason for the sharp rise dollarama the past two weeks.