Curvy body Kim Kardashian literally spilling out of too tight skirt

Recently Kim Kardashian did not deny himself the pleasure to take a stroll to a beauty supply store in Calabasas. That’s just diva chose is not the most comfortable outfit for shopping.

Пышное тело Ким Кардашьян буквально вываливалось из слишком узкой юбки

Earlier in the week, Kim Kardashian went for a walk through the streets of Calabasas. Paparazzi immediately captured instadium, intently going forward. Later, it became clear that the purpose of the wife of Kanye West was quite certain.

It turned out that Kim has decided to try himself in an unusual role. As informs edition Daily Mail, she went to the store and Ulta, effectively approaching the stand of your make-KKW Beauty, began to help buyers to choose the means.

While Kim took away the bread from the consultants and told the girls about the advantages of shadows and concealers, her closely observed dozens of eyes. In fact, even when you see main instadium the world in the role of saleswoman?

Many drew attention to the outfit Kim. 39-year-old star chose a crop top with leopard print and semi-sheer black skirt. Kardashian hair gathered in a ponytail. She complements the image of the black and white sandals heels and large gold earrings-rings.

However, some have noticed a fashion problem faced by a celebrity.
Seems, narrow skirt, Kim bothered her, and even the famous shapewear did not save the situation. Perhaps shaping shorts made worse due to the fact that their gum too much crashed into the body of Kim.

However, Kardashian is, even if you feel not very comfortable, kept a straight face throughout the publication. After talking with customers, she took a stand a few times and, satisfied with what he saw, went to the office.