Czesław Niemen's final resting place is astonishing years later. What it looks like before the 18th anniversary

After almost 20 years, Czesław Niemen's grave is still drowning in fresh flowers.

 Czesław Niemen's last resting place is astonishing years later. What it looks like before the 18th anniversary

Czesław Niemen passed away on January 17, 2004, at the age of 64. The 18th death anniversary of this great artist will soon come. Journalists recently visited the musician's final resting place. “Super Express” describes this touching and meaningful sight.

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Czesław Niemen , famous for his great hits such as “Dziwny jest ten świat”, was born on February 16, 1939 in Stare Wasiliszki. The musician left this world on January 17, 2004 in Warsaw, at the age of 65. He composed, was a brilliant multi-instrumentalist, singer and vocalist, author of the lyrics for songs.

He was one of the most distinguished authors of music in Poland. He was an extremely popular artist in Poland. His greatest hits are still arranged by contemporary singers, which is why the image of his grave arouses such great emotions in supporters and fans of Czesław Niemen.

Czesław Niemen suffered from cancer & oacute; r. His daughter believes that his father could live until now

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Czesław Niemen he died, but not of cancer, as many believe, and Natalia Niemen, the artist's daughter, claims that her father could have lived to this day, had it not been for the fact that the hospital was undergoing renovation. She presented this story in an interview with a popular magazine.

She then revealed the real cause that directly influenced her father's death. It was a complication of pneumonia that struck the man during hospitalization. If not for the replacement of windows in the corridors of the Warsaw oncology hospital in January, after which patients were transported, including my father, he would be alive to this day. After such one ride in the park, my father got pneumonia and fell into a coma. He died after about ten days – stated Natalia Niemen.

Fans and also relatives they don't forget the great artist. They care for the memory of Czesław Niemen, and also care for his final resting place. That is why the singer's playing looks as if whole flower beds are still growing on it! Pictures can be seen HERE .