Dagmara Kaźmierska gives birth to the whole truth. Here are her biggest secrets

Anyone who's ever dealt with a prison sentence knows what the TTV star might have gone through.

Dagmara Kaźmierska gives birth to the whole truth. Here are its greatest secrets

Unfortunately, the contemporary media, instead of promoting people who represent something more than luxury, money and carelessness, willingly presents the life of people who more and more often they turn out to be moderately honest and can boast of achievements.

As far as some characters of popular programs, we learn during the show that they have conflicts with the law, imprisonment or conviction, Dagmara Kaźmierska was in front of the cameras and in salons thanks to her sentence.

Dagmara Kaźmierska takes what she doesn't want to give her life?

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As she admitted on many occasions, in the past she made mistakes for which she had to pay with several months' imprisonment. She wrote an autobiography in which she confessed, among other things, to her mistakes and how their effects affected the mental health of her son Conan. Now, “HawkPost” informs that Dagmara Kaźmierska's book has become so popular that the Queen of life decided to sire another – about herself and her life, of course, this time behind the walls of the prison.

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So what happened to Dagmara after hearing her conviction for pimping? As a little girl, she cursed like the proverbial shoemaker, admiring the beauty of the world around her – Grandma, f *** a, how in a circle! & Laquo; & mdash; I screamed. And so I still do today. I am constantly in awe of the world. I accept whatever life gives me and what & mdash; I take it myself – she shared an excerpt from the book via social media.