Daily consumption of onion and garlic reduces the risk of dangerous diseases

If women every day eat onions or garlic, they can reduce the times of breast cancer by 67%. To such conclusion came researchers from the University of Puerto Rico.

Ежедневное употребление лука и чеснока снижает риск опасной болезни

Puerto Rican scientists together with their American colleagues watched the food preferences of over 600 women. Puerto Rico was chosen for these observations because of the fact that over the last several decades is almost exponentially growing number of cases of breast cancer. It was found that eating raw onions and garlic on a daily basis reduces the risk of this malignancy. It is proved that consumed more than one serving of onions and garlic in the day women were 67% less likely to have faced breast cancer.

It was just about raw vegetables, but not about using them in any other form after heat treatment. If the onion and garlic just added to the food, a similar protective effect later in women was observed. Most healthy women there was a dish called sofrito, which usually consists of raw onion and garlic. This sauce also includes tomatoes, peppers and coriander.

The researchers emphasize that the protective effect was achieved from onions and garlic. These products are known for its healing effects on the body, they exert anti-inflammatory effects, strengthen the immune system, and as it turns out, can fight cancer cells.