Daily Mail: How oxytocin affects men

The hormone oxytocin can make men more prone to short novels, writes Daily Mail.

Daily Mail: Как окситоцин влияет на мужчин

This hormone plays an important role in social relationships, sexual reproduction and birth of children. It stands out during the “tender moments” — hugs and sex.

However, according to Chinese research, it can also enhance male sexual desire, especially to women who have ever been unfaithful in relation to their own husbands.

It follows from this that the hormone increases the role of sexual attraction in choosing a partner in contrast to romantic attachments, the researchers say. And when the courtship ends and starts relationships, oxytocin helps to build attachment.

Scientists have found that men and women alike seek long-term relationship with a faithful partner.

However, when it comes to short-term relationships, men more than women, want to have such a relationship with the wrong women. And this desire intensifies, if you give men a dose of oxytocin via nasal spray.

But women with this inhalation of oxytocin even more committed long-term relationship with a faithful partner.