Daily use of this cookware may lead to diabetes

Substances that are part of the non-stick coating pans, can provoke development of such serious diseases as diabetes. About the dangers of frequent use of the pans warn scientists from the United States of America.

Ежедневное использование этой посуды может вызвать диабет

The staff of the school of medicine in new York conducted a pilot study, the results of which confirmed the existing fears. In experiment participated volunteers that scientists were divided into two groups depending on the frequency of use of pans.

“Long-term experiment showed that people who each day prepare the food in the pan, more often the victims of diabetes of the second type. Diabetes develops usually twenty percent, plus, those who like to cook in the pan in General, there is higher level of sugar in the blood” — say the American scientists.

Scientists believe that all matter is poisonous to the human body non-stick substances used for the manufacture of modern detergent. Here, however, we need more research to say for sure.

The case may be in the fact that the followers of fried food in General are paying less attention to the quality of their food, and, consequently, more at risk of acquiring metabolic syndrome and obesity, which is usually the development of diabetes.