Dan Balan spoke about fashion preferences

Moldovan artist — a real fashionista. He always dressed stylishly and beautifully.

Дан Балан рассказал о модных предпочтениях

Having met the famous Moldavian artist Dan Balan is on one of the social events, we asked him about his fashion preferences.

The singer admitted that he prefers to do shopping in the concept story.

“Usually when choosing clothes I don’t look at brands. I go to the concept store, where there are millions of brands, and choose what I like,” said Dan.

Performer most likes to wear jackets, shirts, t-shirts, jeans and shorts.

Likes artist and hats, but wears them rarely.

Favorite color in clothing is gray.

“I never dress like this to stand out. Dress so that the outfit was in harmony with my personality, aesthetically pleasing. And usually the gray color is best,” — said Balan.