Dance contest! The judges in shock!

Танцевальный конкурс! Судьи в шоке!

Humor, especially good is one of the essential components of our lives. After watching this video be only positive emotions. Actors — Kseniya and Roman played this scene about the competition of dancing, laughing heartily.

I especially liked the dance the Paso Doble of the second round of the competition. Actually, I believe that to be able to joke and laugh at themselves is a special talent that not everyone’s strength.

The plot of this scene, the couple comes to a dance contest in which, according to them, they are 100% going to win. Here danced the first pair, the second, and it was their turn, couple number eight.

They are of course very artistic will, which is copied from another video from the Internet.

Here summarize the results of the first round and they are asked to leave because she danced this pair of awful, not knowing where they want to go and why they stay.

Jury in shock, don’t understand why they won’t go. One of them says that they left the second round, and then expel them from the competition. But the second dance, pasodoble that Kseniya and Roman dance with even more passion.

After the jury argues, one of them kicked, one was solved first, but still afraid and called the room to another couple. It’s very funny! Girl sitting in a jury says to tell her colleague, although she has not decided on it. In the end, none of them decides this, and get another pair.

And here, too, a couple of room 8 began to object to this! Ariza very cool plays the role of a woman — honored artist of Chechnya, sitting in the jury. And only she dared to Express the truth of this couple, about their absurdities.

Others are not at risk, and the rapid utterance of Arity fear began in response to yell at her that she did the cleaning lady and something is forgotten. And the victory was awarded this artistic pair number 8! Many people love these actors, like great comedians, and rightly so!