Dancer, played by Jennifer Lopez in “the Strippers”, sues

In mid-September, rolling out the film “Strippers” to a gang of dancers, which for several years effectively (and efficiently) robbed crave bread and circuses of the financiers of wall Street. How to declare themselves the creators, it is based on real events, first told in the pages of New York Magazine in 2015.

Танцовщица, которую сыграла Дженнифер Лопес в «Стриптизершах», подает в суд

Dramedy with great success in cinemas in the US, which, of course, could not pass the real heroines of history, who now plan to sue the film’s producers had not paid them a penny during the filming of their much-turned out to be commercially successful life.

Threatens the Studio in the first place Samantha Barbash, the head of the gang, whose image is embodied on the screen Jennifer Lopez. She came up with a scheme in which along with the companions robbed intoxicated by alcohol and admixed there potent drugs financiers. For this, Samantha was sentenced to 5 years probation.

On Monday, the lawyer Barbash sent to the Studio STXfilms the letter in which has stated the violation of the rights of his client and threatened to take the case to court if the company would settle all the questions over the next 10 days.

Representatives STXfilms already stated that by law they had every right to do the movie without permission from Samantha and will defend their right to make films based on secret and not become public stories.

By the way, with similar charges in 2017 faced Ryan Murphy, Director and writer of the series “Feud” about the backstage rivalry between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, which began during the filming of their joint film “whatever happened to Baby Jane?” in 1962, which lasted and then for years to come. Then the court passed a verdict that the man, whether he is a mere mortal or a living legend, does not own the rights to the story of his life, therefore, can not dictate the rules or limitations to those who decide to film it.